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A digital ad is digested within a few seconds. An email is easily deleted. However, physical branded products last much longer.

Useful items such as pens, stationery or calendars are items that consumers are more likely to retain.

Every time a promotional product is used, it creates the potential for more people to become aware of your business.

You only make a one-time investment in the product, but the returns continue for days, weeks, or even years as the products stay in use.

Remember that giveaways have your contact information just like business cards. Gift items include your company logo, images and slogan. Tangible products thus serve as a useful business card that consumers can use on a daily basis.

Gifts are a great way to build lasting relationships with your customers.
Customers love to feel valued.

Sending useful gifts to customers will affect them positively and increase their sense of loyalty and satisfaction.

Why Are Promotional Items Important?

People can't touch a digital banner ad or a social media photo. Something tangible creates a tangible connection between your customer and your business.

As your giveaways are seen and used over and over again, they make your company more memorable.
Your logo and contact information on a business card rotting in a desk drawer doesn't build brand awareness.

Business cards have their time and place, of course, but sometimes you need something extra. However, a mouse pad, travel mug, or handbag with your business information makes it easy to remember your brand.

Giveaways can build strong brand identity and staff loyalty in the workplace. You can create brand ambassadors from your employees by offering giveaways as incentives, giveaways or simply as part of your standard office stationery.

Your staff will expand your brand's marketing reach with a personal recommendation and products they will hand out for free to their friends and family.
Businesses need giveaways as a cost-effective way to reach more potential customers.

This is a low-cost marketing method to attract customers. Even established global firms resort to this marketing strategy.

Effects of Promotional Products

Gift items have been used as a cost-effective marketing tactic for years. From new businesses to large businesses, these giveaways are marketers' favorites. PPAI has listed some interesting statistics on the use of giveaway products.

Some of them: Six out of 10 consumers keep their giveaways with them for up to two years.

85% of people do business with an advertiser after purchasing a giveaway.

89% of consumers can still remember the advertiser two years after purchasing a giveaway product. 63% of consumers give giveaway products as gifts when they are not needed.

The importance of giveaway products for business promotion can be measured from these statistics.
According to a study by PPAI, 94% of people remember where they bought the gift item.
The research reveals that 83% of consumers like to buy gifts, which are advertising messages.

85% of buyers do business with advertisers. Also, 58% of consumers surveyed said they keep their souvenirs from one to four years.

Another important statistic revealed by the research is that 89% of consumers say they can remember the advertiser's name or company name for 24 months after purchasing the products.

These important statistics emphasize the importance of souvenirs in terms of marketing and brand awareness.

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